Movie day! Got good old #CaptainAmerica to clense the palate after #Oculus. #ashleegoesacrossthepond

Movie day! Got good old #CaptainAmerica to clense the palate after #Oculus. #ashleegoesacrossthepond

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Movie day! Got good old #CaptainAmerica to clense the palate after #Oculus. #ashleegoesacrossthepond

Movie day! Got good old #CaptainAmerica to clense the palate after #Oculus. #ashleegoesacrossthepond

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the-blue-teacup inquired:

So late to reading your last chapter! The piano scene was absolutely gorgeous. <3

omg omg I’m so sorry about the massive delay in my reply! thank you so much, I’m so glad to hear you’re still enjoying the story. :)

btw, I’m slowly catching up and I’ve finally started to read your new fic! look forward to a bombardment of asks when I’m up to date haha

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Anonymous inquired:

i thought they were still offering the 12 month program? maybe its just for january intake but for the august 2014 intake they are only offering the 6 month program?

Hey there anon, I’m going to need a little bit information… Do you mean you’ve heard that they’re only offering a six month program for the August intake? If that’s the case, can you let me know where you heard it?

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Met an old friend from home at the farmer&#8217;s market today #ashleegoesacrossthepond

Met an old friend from home at the farmer’s market today #ashleegoesacrossthepond

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Matt Smith talking about Karen Gillan

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Our new Queen of Cool

Our new Queen of Cool

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Fully qualified with my #Mousters and #PerfectAttendance in #DisneyHeritage #ashleegoesacrossthepond

Fully qualified with my #Mousters and #PerfectAttendance in #DisneyHeritage #ashleegoesacrossthepond

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Anonymous inquired:

Hi! Was just wondering how hard it is to be accepted? Are they looking for a particular type of person or just someone who is enthusiastic and loves disney? Also, do many people apply? How hard is it to be one of those lucky few who do get accepted? Sorry, so many questions!! thank you so much! And I LOVE your blog, i check it every morning before school to see if anything new has been posted :) Haha that sounds very stalkerish sorry :p. Thank you again :3

Hey howdy hey,

Disney are looking for people that are enthusiastic, definitely. You have to be bright and bubbly and have the ability to be ‘on’ while you’re onstage, even when guests are giving you the shits haha. Loving Disney isn’t a necessity but it will definitely help with your sanity while you’re here, for sure.

I don’t know exactly how many apply, but it’s definitely in the high hundreds. I think about 300 people are accepted from all around Australia, so the odds aren’t as stacked as the US program but it’s still a pretty big deal to get in and a lot of people do get declined.

My best advice is to just be yourself (corny, haha). Be bright and try to be confident - If Disney has taught us anything it’s that you can do anything you dream, so have faith in yourself and you’ll be fine. :)

Awww thank you so much for the lovely compliments, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog and finding it helpful!

Good luck with your application, and keep us updated.

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ameliasreturn inquired:

hiiii i was wondering, are you taking prompts?

Hey there!

Yeah I don’t have an official ‘open for prompts’ thing but if anyone has an idea they’d like me to write feel free to just send me an ask and I’ll get started on the prompt. :)

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Anonymous inquired:

Hi, I was just wondering how you get paid. I mean I know you get paid in cash but do you have a bank account they give you or one that you already have?

Disney send you a Citibank debit card which they directly deposit your paycheck into each week. This card is not tied to a bank account, and you cannot transfer money into it, which is a pain in the arse. There are also $2.50 ATM fees everywhere and that sucks.

You can set up an online account and link it to your mobile number so you can check your balance online and through text messaging, which is convenient.

However, a couple of my roomies and I weren’t big fans of having all of your money stored on that one card so we went to the Partners bank branch at Disney University and opened up some bank accounts there. We now have a Savings Account (where $50 of our pay check goes, woo for saving) and a Checking account, where the rest of our paycheck goes. This one is linked to a card and there are no ATM fees because Partners is the official Disney branch and their ATMs are everywhere.

Hope that helped answer your question :)

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jaciemo inquired:

Just read through your eight chapters of Silence. I love. it. so. much. Will be eagerly awaiting your next one! Thank you for all you've written so far!

Ahhhh you cutie patootie, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. Next chapter’s going to be a fluffy one, so look forward to it. :3

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Did you meet any of the high school bands or dancers who were at Disney over the weekend? My little sister (along with a bunch of other dancers) were there. She said she met an Australian girl working there... I know it's a long shot, but you never know!

I met a lot of the high school bands and dancers last weekend! They were everywhere haha.

There’s a good chance she met me, but if she can remember where it was that’ll let you know for sure. Was it under the Sorcerer’s Hat, or in one of the stores on Hollywood Blvd (the main street)?

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shezyamum inquired:

Hi, I just came across your blog and it's amazing, I love how informative you are. I got accepted into the program for the Aug 14' intake.. I wanted to know about the visa process, if you don't mind sharing? How long did it take for you? and how long prior to your departure date did you get the email to start the visa process? I emailed Disney asking if I could get started and they just stated i will get the email closer to the departure date.. no specifics, kinda frustrating ! thanks heaps

Hello and congratulations on being accepted, that’s amazing!

Oh, the visa process. That was a stressful and confusing time for everyone.

On the 20th of September I received an email from FedEx saying that my Welcome Pack was on its way to my house from Disney. I was super dooper excited because this was the package with all of the paperwork I’d need for my visa, and once I had the visa my trip to the US would be totally confirmed and this was going to be an easy process because Disney would walk us through it step by step.

Ha. Hahaha.

On the 24th of September my package arrived and I eagerly read through all of the paper inside that told me where to go and what to fill out where for the visa. My mum took a gross photo of me with it and posted it on fb, so I’ll share it with you here so you can see that the Welcome Package is, in fact, more like a Welcome Brochure.


And then I waited for my dad to get home coz there was no way I was filling out important international government documents by myself. And THANK GOD I did because the bureaucracy of the American government is astounding and bloody confusing.

The papers in the Welcome Pack tell you which websites to go to and what information to put into which fields, but the whole process is kind of all over the place and involves jumping from website to website and the government sites are laid out really poorly and hard to navigate.

You have to take a photo that fits US passport standards (which are not the same as ours, sigh; but don’t worry, the specifications are all on the website) and you also need to pay. There’s a $35 USD SEVIS fee that you need to pay first, and then a $176 AUD MRV fee to pay on top of that at the time of booking.

There are limited time slots available to go to the Embassies for your interview so I recommend doing it sooner rather than later in order to ensure you can pick a time that works best for you.

That said, you physically cannot apply for a Visa without all of the paperwork in your Welcome Pack. Disney give you your DS-2019 form and a bunch of other important documents in there, and until you have those numbers there’s nothing you can do unfortunately.

You should be getting them soon, however, so just try to wait it out. :)

Once you’re at the consulate for your appointment, don’t be intimidated by the eagles and flags and pictures of obama everywhere. Security is tight but don’t panic, and remember to take ALL OF YOUR PAPERWORK AND ID (including student ID) up past the scanners to the actual interview floor with you. They might ask you for proof of funds, but don’t worry too much about that because I didn’t have any and that was alright. Also, once you’ve been approved they take your passport from you. Don’t stress, this is totally normal and within a few days they’ll have mailed it back to you with your visa inside.

Sorry for the rant, I just hated applying for the visa. But feel free to ask any more questions, and know that if I got through it you can too. :3

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